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Welcome to STS, Your Digital Transformation Partner

STS, Jordan’s leading ICT and digital transformation solutions provider since 1989, has been confidently contributing to the digital transformation scene in the kingdom and the region.

Driven by a commitment to delivering a peerless digital transformation journey to its clients, STS has expanded its offerings to embrace a digital infrastructure model that comprises advanced Hybrid Multi-Cloud solutions and managed services, along with Advanced Cybersecurity offerings that are backed up with state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (STS SOC).

To top it up, STS provides exceptional digital experience solutions offerings ranging from digital customer experience, digital workplace solutions, and business intelligence BI services.

Through its long-standing partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies, IBM, Oracle, and many others, STS continues to serve multiple industries in financial, governmental, health, educational, telecommunications, and other commercial sectors in the MENA region.


A mission is always about people, no matter how digital it looks like

STS' mission is to leverage its leadership position as a Technology Provider in MENA to deliver innovative Organizational Transformation Solutions, while maintaining its core principles of Excellence, Commitment and Integrity.


A guidebook to follow in all of STS's aspects ..


Numbers speak louder than words



highly skilled employees.

More than


long lasting customers.

At the

highest levels

of Partnerships with the IT Giants from around the globe.

STS workforce possesses more than


certificates offering solid and latest expertise.


Qualified Service Technicians providing a responsive and reliable service.

More than


Successful Projects.



The major component to success..our Ethics

Our dedication to offering the highest business standards is exemplified in STS’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (“Code”).

Our commitment to the Code starts at the top of our corporation driven by our principles and values. And as we move forward, we ensure that our principles continue to be reflected in all aspects of our business.

A commitment to integrity, acting honestly and ethically, and complying with the letter and intent of the law is critical to our continued success.

The STS Ethics Office reports to the Board of Directors and assesses STS’s overall compliance with applicable law and the Code, oversees the compliance-training program, and considers the appropriate response to significant compliance matters and legal developments.

STS Ethics Office manages a governance system and an ethics line that aims at reporting incidents and monitoring the overall code compliance around the corporation.

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