STS & Alibaba Cloud Supports Cloud Migration

STS, the leading provider of digital transformation, information systems, and integrated Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions in the region; and Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group has inked a partnership with Mawdoo3, the GCC region’s largest online Arabic content publisher to support its infrastructure migration to the cloud.

The migration to the cloud is expected to deliver cost-effectiveness, alignment with customer compliance requirements, and a substantial boost in business performance and growth throughout the GCC region.

Through this partnership, Mawdoo3 will leverage Alibaba Cloud’s stable, secure, and high-performance Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions, including Elastic Computing Service, Relational Database Service (RDS), Container Service for Kubernetes, Message Queue, Elastic IP, and Server Load Balancer. The partnership was facilitated by their local service partner, STS, the leading provider of digital transformation, information systems, and integrated Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions in Jordan and the MENA region.

"We are excited to support Mawdoo3’s migration to the cloud. This collaboration underscores our commitment to supporting digital players in the region to exercise the highest standards of security and compliance, said Selina Yuan, President of International Business, at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “The partnership also showcases our local service capability in the MEA region. In coordination with STS, we aim to facilitate Mawdoo3’s journey towards operational excellence, enhanced security, and continued growth, as it explores the possibilities of the cloud.

” "STS is proud to be the cornerstone of Mawdoo3's digital journey. With our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier hosting services and comprehensive technical and logistical support, we ensure that Mawdoo3's mission is not just accomplished but exceeded. Collaborating with Alibaba Cloud, we offer a powerful combination of stability, security, and high-performance solutions that enable Mawdoo3 to thrive in the digital landscape. Together, we're forging a future where seamless service delivery and efficient communication are the norm, not the exception." said Mr. Zeid Mazahreh, General Manager, Regional Sales at STS. Mawdoo3, with over 100 million organic unique monthly visitors globally and 32 million unique visitors from the GCC, offers valuable and trusted Arabic content across various platforms.

The company is committed to enriching the Arabic content online and providing reliable information for audiences on a wide range of topics, utilizing artificial intelligence and the latest technologies to enhance the user’s day-to-day experience. Rami Al-Qawasmi, CEO of Mawdoo3, expressed his excitement regarding the partnership with key suppliers in the region; Alibaba Cloud & STS, highlighting the potential to elevate Mawdoo3’s platforms performance and enhance the user experience online.

“This partnership aligns with our business objectives and commitment to our users. With our cutting-edge landscape and sizable database, merged with Alibaba’s expertise in the cloud, our users will enjoy more security and availability while we will have manageable and scalable platforms, with reduced operational costs. Through this migration, we aspire to foster further business growth across the GCC region.” The services being offered to Mawdoo3 will be hosted on Alibaba’s hyperscaler cloud and will be compliant with their customer rules. The partnership aims to achieve a stable, secure, high-performance, and cost-effective foundation for Mawdoo3's business growth.

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